This page is to create a link for an editorial playlist


Update 5/28/2019: due to client changes this link now only works for Spotify-owned playlists, not Filtr playlists (anymore)

Editorial playlist links are solely working for a mobile audience - providing the best user journey 🚀

If you are uncertain if a playlist is editorial vs. personalized, consult your local streaming or sales representative or use this link

This is a beta 1.0 version - please always test your link before implementing in your marketing campaign

You can find both the track and playlist URI by right-clicking the track (from album/track page) or playlist within the Spotify client

Your link doesn't work? Did you check for typos and spaces?

We are looking into implementing this in existing SME tools - until then, please refrain from sharing externally

Spotify  = personalized link     Spotify  = editorial link

Beta 1.0
create a personalized link instead

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